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What is the impact of eTwinning on teachers’ practice and competences?

The 2018 eTwinning Monitoring Report has been just published. The results of this large-scale monitoring activity, carried out via the analysis of hundreds of answers to a self-assessment survey and by a set of case studies, confirm that the involvement in eTwinning activities is linked to the improvement of teachers’ perceptions about their digital, pedagogical and collaborative competences.

In 2018 eTwinning launched the MeTP 2.0 Framework, including a self-assessment tool and a personalised feedback page. This was part of eTwinning’s ongoing pedagogical monitoring, and was a follow-up the Monitoring eTwinning Practice (MeTP) pilot activity the previous year.

The Framework was deployed to track the progress of teachers’ development of pedagogical, digital and collaborative competences as a result of their participation in eTwinning activities. By designing a scalable online version and by simplifying the process, all participants received personalised feedback through an online page and had the opportunity to carry out eTwinning activities tailored to their needs. The MeTP 2.0 Framework also included a post-questionnaire, which helped teachers track their competence development.

The eTwinning Monitoring Report shows that there is an increased perceived level of competences, which may be connected to their engagement in eTwinning activities.

The comparison between the scores of the pre - and the post - questionnaires indicate that the vast majority of respondents acknowledged an improvement in their competences as a whole. Participants in general, increased both the lowest scores and the highest scores in all the three areas, which may be connected to a better appreciation of their level of competence. The collaborative competence had the biggest potential in terms of improvement (starting lower compared to the other two competences) and this is where indeed teachers had the highest increase.

Eight case studies support the results of such analysis, and also provide concrete synergies between the three mentioned competences and eTwinning activities.

The self-assessment questionnaire and the related feedback page are available to all interested teachers who would like to have a valuable self-reflective experience, which may eventually enhance their competence development and self-efficacy. Just connect to using your eTwinning credentials.

The report is available in six languages (EN, FR, DE, IT, PL, ES).