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Meet the eTwinning ambassadors!

eTwinning ambassadors are one of the most important elements of the eTwinning community. The Spanish NSS has created a video about them and their work – please watch, enjoy and share.

eTwinning ambassadors[1] are enthusiastic teachers, with a wealth of experience running eTwinning projects who work as a first point of contact for newcomers to eTwinning, supporting them with technical and pedagogical issues.

Ambassadors work closely with the eTwinning National Support Service (NSS) in their own country with the NSSs facilitating training for them, to ensure that they have the requisite skills and information to promote eTwinning and provide training for teachers.

Their main duties are:

  • Disseminate the benefits of eTwinning
  • Collaborate in face-to-face training and online activities
  • Assist teachers in pedagogical and technical issues
  • Collaborate with the NSS and other education stakeholders 

Enjoy this short animated video about eTwinning ambassadors and share it!