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Helping us to help you: why we do monitoring surveys

Monitoring activities are very important as a means of responding to your needs and maintaining good practice, and of ultimately guiding us in shaping eTwinning. Therefore, each year eTwinning factors these activities into its work plan.

Since 2014, both quantitative and qualitative approaches have been used to cover the three following areas of the strategy: analysing teacher practice in European school projects; identifying teachers’ professional development needs and lastly, monitoring teacher-training activities and identifying best practice in this field. In short, we aim to analyse eTwinning’s impact on teachers’ practice, skills and professional development.

In the final quarter of the last year, we ran a follow up to the first monitoring survey launched in 2014. This time we wanted to know how eTwinning affects your professional development and practice and the results will be published later this year. We very much value the information you provide in these surveys, as your responses are vital in helping us to learn more about professional development needs and how eTwinning supports teaching skills and techniques. In acknowledgement of this, we gave out three tablets to three eTwinners - chosen randomly – from Portugal, Greece and Georgia who participated in the survey.

While you wait for the results from last year’s monitoring survey, you can read the 2016 monitoring report, which is now translated into five languages in addition to the original English. Stay tuned for more news on monitoring activities; we are here to listen to you and to enable us to do so, we need you to keep helping us to help you!