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eTwinning Prize Celebrations 2018

eTwinning celebrated the 2018 European Prize winners in Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Spain and Latvia.

From 700 projects submitted, we are delighted to announce that “IMAGINE… Together for the world!”, “ICT World 2017”, “National Parks = International Treasure” have been selected as the winners of the 2018 European Prize age categories of 4-11, 12-15 and 16-19 respectively.

In most of the ceremonies, a representative of the European Commission and a representative of the Central Support Service (CSS) of eTwinning was present to present the awards.

European Prize Celebration

“IMAGINE…Together for the world!” has been awarded for its excellent initiative to raise awareness among Italian and Greek students about migration. The students that were involved in the project reflected on the work they have done by stating:

“eTwinning projects helped us learn new information about migrants and we would love to be involved in more eTwinning projects in the future”

European Prize Celebration

In addition, there has been various press coverage of this great event by the Turin newspaper La Stampa and EPT3 TV station of Greece:

“ICT World 2017” has been recognized for its innovative methods of teaching and learning in the field of ICT. The cooperative and engaging international environment for developing games and tools enabled students in Latvia and Czech Republic to improve their ICT, social and communication competencies. These dedicated students displayed their ICT and musical skills during the celebration ceremony:

Last but not least, “National Parks = International Treasure” has been awarded the European Prize for its distinguished work in raising awareness of environmental problems, endangered animals and plants and for giving the students the opportunity to learn more about the beauty and uniqueness of national parks in other countries. The Kroměřížský deník newspaper in Czech Republic has recognised the amazing achievements of these students and their teachers.

European Prize Celebration

Congratulations to all winners!