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eTwinning Plus Celebrates 5 years and Inclusion!

2017 was the year of the 5th anniversary of eTwinning Plus. We celebrated the occasion at the eTwinning Annual Conference in Malta with eTwinners from all countries involved in eTwinning and eTwinning Plus.

The eTwinning Plus countries, with the ardent dedication of their teachers, not only had a strong participation in the eTwinning annual conference in Malta on the theme of “inclusion” but also left their mark on the prize award ceremony with their success! 

The majority of the awarded projects had an eTwinning plus country as a partner; we invite you to look at our project gallery and get inspired for your own project.

eTwinning Plus teachers are offered the opportunity to broaden their horizons and collaborate with so many European countries and for this exact reason, they are motivated, eager and proud of being part of this community.

Listen first hand to the teachers from Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and Tunisia and hear what inclusion truly means to them, and how eTwinning Plus transformed their lives and the lives of their students.