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eTwinning marks the end of the spring campaign and the start of summer holidays!

The school year has ended and what better way to mark the end of the spring and the beginning of summer than by awarding the winners of the Online Quest?

The four finalists of the eTwinning game managed to retrieve the prism of Inclusion and stop Mister Z’s evil plans by solving all the riddles on topics such as chemistry, maths and humanistic subjects!

The Quest had an outstanding participation rate of almost 1000 teachers who played together with their classrooms, while at the same time learning interesting facts about inclusion! The countries with most participants in the contest were UK, Romania, Poland, and Italy.

The eTwinning teacher Agnieszka Czepiżak, winner of the 6-12 age category said that the game “brought fresh and new methods, unconventional teaching to the classroom, raised awareness of other cultures, of different people, their problems, and of human rights convention – values such as tolerance, equality and democracy. The online game involved logical, mathematical, analytical skills but also imagination, artistic skills and cooperation on pupils' side and helped develop pupils' curiosity about science, the knowledge of other language codes, countries, places, cultures - bringing a cross-cultural atmosphere to the classroom.

The pupils were very excited about the puzzles, which they also shared with their families, and every week they were asking me for a new challenge. It was great fun and excitement!”, Agnieszka added.

Talking about the Online Quest puzzles, the winner of the 12+ category Helena Drobúlová pointed out that “the tests were very interesting for the teacher as well as for the pupils. The benefits were their thematic diversity and various levels of difficulty. It is an amazing tool to use in the learning process!”