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eTwinning is happy to announce new project kits!

Project kits are useful tools to help you generate new ideas and to quickly set up and manage projects from start to finish. It is a selection of the best practice examples available, to inspire you when you design and run your own eTwinning project.

Project kits can help you manage your time, partners and ideas while boosting your productivity. As they are available online, you can easily access and update your materials anywhere. eTwinning is happy to announce the addition of seven new project kits, two of which are also available for eTwinning Plus. Currently, the project kits are available in 22 languages and cover topics ranging from working with refugee pupils to this year’s European annual theme of cultural heritage. A brief explanation of each project kit is given below:

  • Cultural Heritage: The activities in this kit focus on three main categories of cultural heritage: tangible culture, such as monuments, buildings, books, works of art and artefacts; intangible culture, such as oral traditions, customs, folklore, language and lifestyle; and natural heritage, such as natural sites with cultural aspects.
  • Migrants and Refugees: Pupils explore the history of immigration and compare it with immigration patterns of today’s Europe. They analyse history and literature to put current events into perspective and into the historical and international context. 
  • Make me a European: The activities in this kit focus on European values and the development of European identity. Pupils learn about European Union's fundamental values: respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law.
  • Young Entrepreneurs: The activities in this kit focus on enhancing pupils’ entrepreneurial and employability competences. Pupils learn about choosing a job and starting their own business.
  • From Stem to Steam: The activities in this kit focus on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) as well as on Arts, Languages and Humanities. The kit aims at enhancing student critical and creative thinking and problem solving skills.
  • The art of sharing – the sharing of art (eTw+): Students are able to learn about the different types of copyright and Creative Commons licensing. They learn how they can give credit to the author in the appropriate way.
  • Stories connect (eTw+): The kit aims at enhancing pupils’ writing, speaking and presentation skills. Pupils engage in activities that promote collaborative learning by exchanging traditional tales from their countries. 

Project kits offer an amazing opportunity for eTwinners to create unique collaborative learning experiences so if you would like to explore more project kits and learn how to create your own, click here