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eTwinning and Friends: EUROCLIO

EUROCLIO the European Association of History Educators is a friend of eTwinning.

EUROCLIO was established in 1992 on request of the Council of Europe. It is an umbrella association of more than 70 history, heritage, and citizenship educators' associations and other organisations active in the field.

The network connects history educators across Europe, supporting the development of responsible and innovative history, citizenship, and heritage education by promoting critical thinking, multiple perspectives, mutual respect, and the inclusion of controversial issues.

Historiana is one of the initiatives by EUROCLIO and brings supplementary pan-European resources to history educators and students. It is an online educational multimedia tool that offers students cross-border and comparative historical sources to supplement their national history textbooks.

Through Historiana, teachers can access learning activities which support this year’s eTwinning theme of Democratic Participation.

Euroclio is an eTwinning friend. In 2018 Euroclio offered two online seminars with the theme Making Historical Thinking Explicit To Students Using Online Tools. These online seminars supported educators to help their students think historically through the use of online learning activities created or adapted by themselves.

In 2017 and 2018, Euroclio participated in the eTwinning Annual Conferences in Malta and Poland by offering the workshops, “Looking at history from different perspectives. What is in front and beyond the national lens?” and “Making Historical Thinking Explicit to Students Using Online Tools” respectively.