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eTwinning - Combining entrepreneurship with Europe's Cultural Heritage

“We live in an era of globalisation; cultural heritage helps us to remember our diversity. It develops mutual respect, it is here, waiting to be explored, shared and preserved for the benefit of all.” Kornélia Lohyňová

The eTwinning Featured Group “Entrepreneurship in Education” has created activities for its members on the creation of videos; challenging the teachers to use their creative and entrepreneurial skills to research the annual theme of cultural heritage.

The “Entrepreneurship in Education” Group is for teachers who are interested in integrating entrepreneurial skills into their teaching. Entrepreneurship education is about enabling young people to develop the skills they need for life and work. These crucial skills are teachable and must be integrated into educational subjects at all levels.

The eTwinning group moderator, Kornélia Lohyňová, has decided this year to connect Europe’s cultural heritage with the skills of entrepreneurship.

According to EntreComp, the European Commission’s Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, entrepreneurship occurs when you act upon your opportunities and ideas and transform them into value for others. As more and more internet traffic is based on video, why would not we challenge the teachers and the students to start making their own videos and share cultural heritage at the same time?

There were four different topics for the videos: how to attract tourists to visit the sights in their regions, how to prepare traditional food dishes, how to teach traditional dances and innovative inventions of their countries.

The last video activity focused on traditional food. For this activity, the members of the group and the students found recipes of traditional dishes and decided how to transform them into a modern menu. The students then created short videos where they told the others how to prepare the menu with their innovative modern twist.

Have a look at their contributions on the Padlet below:

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