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“An open window to other educational realities”: the online course Make eTwinning live

From September 2016 to January 2017, we ran an Online Course on how to ‘Make eTwinning Live’, empowering participants with the skills to work together in online activities and to explore the effective pedagogical use of these tools in their schools and the curriculum.

With the participation of 270 eTwinners, the four-module course used online lessons, collaborative learning and tutorials. While the work at times was developed individually, the participants also worked together to learn from one another and exchanged views in the forums. Addressed at registered eTwinning members, the course was facilitated by 10 different experts across different modules to teach participants how to effectively use eTwinning Live and make the most out of it.

One of the participants, said: “I really enjoyed the course. I had been on eTwinning for two or three years and I did not know about all the possibilities of the platform, so I learned a lot”. Another eTwinner weighed in on the emphasis given to the development of teachers’ skills:  “(the course) has meant for me an open window to other educational realities. I want to continue working on eTwinning educational projects because I improve my teaching practice and can share the results of my work in the classroom”.

eTwinning is grounded in 3 essential tenets: collaboration, community and progress. Life-long learning is an imperative for teachers and we are here to make it easier. Progress and the development of teachers’ skills is highly valued in eTwinning, and we make sure we offer a wide range of professional development opportunities for our members.

Online courses are given once a year by a group of experts to a selected group of registered eTwinning members. If you wish to apply to the next Online Course, contact your Partner Support Agency.