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21st Century Teaching eTwinning professional development workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark

eTwinning recently joined forces with Denmark’s Learning Festival creating a significant event for the education community of Europe.

Denmark’s Learning Festival had the theme “Preparing for a digital world” and focused on practical experiences, political initiatives, research results, and increased usage of information and communication technologies in education.

In parallel to the Learning Festival 139 teachers from 25 countries were participating in an eTwinning professional development workshop (PDW), the goal of which was to develop a common language, that gives to head teachers, teachers and teachers students a concrete way of developing their 21st century teaching skills.

Participants had the opportunity to be inspired and be informed about the latest updates on technology and how it will change their roles as teachers, consultants, student teachers, and head teachers.

eTwinners had the opportunity to listen to two inspiring keynote speakers from the Learning Festival, Mitchel Resnick, Professor of learning research at the MIT Media Lab, and Alan November, Senior partner and founder of November Learning.

“When we have synergies we have the real power. The revolution is not Technology but Information.” Alan November

“The 4 Ps for creativity: project, passion, play, peers!” Mitchel Resnick

Participants of the PDW explored the Danish concept CRAFT (Creating Really Advanced Future Thinkers), which offers a model for the wider implementation of non-traditional pedagogies with a strong emphasis on information and communication technologies.

Additionally, the eTwinning workshops dealt with subjects concerning today’s teachers such as problem based learning, 21st century teaching in the classroom, advanced project facilitation in eTwinning as well as introductory workshops for the new eTwinners.

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